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Belgian Chocolate, Can We Eat Too Much?

Author: Wade Lucas
  Belgian chocolate, can we eat too much? Chocolate, especially dark chocolate is a great antioxidant. On the other hand there is no denying that it is very high in calories. It is also a great source of energy. The fact that it is great for our health and a high energy health food tells me that it is impossible to eat too much. Here are some reasons I believe that to be true.
             We always here that everything in life should be done in moderation. Moderation being defined as freedom from excess. The opposite of freedom from is freedom of. So we can pretty much do what we want and as much as we want. Point number one being moderation is a personal choice. In fact the whole point of this story is to get people to make their own choice as to how much is too much.
             Dark chocolate is good for us, and belgian chocolate is the best. But the opposite of  good is bad, right. The only thing bad about eating dark chocolate is the worry people associate with eating too much. The one thing that takes the joy from life is worry. Worry causes stress and stress can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Worry also causes people to be nervous. When people get nervous they eat and consume more calories. Relax eat and enjoy the taste of chocolate, you will know when you have had too much. Point number two, don\'t worry and you won\'t eat too much!
             We certainly don\'t want to do anything that will cause us to gain weight. Even worse no one wants to be fat, right. I believe diet books and other weight loss programs are selling faster then Super Bowl tickets. The problem is metabolism not chocolate, we need to eat right and exercise. Dark chocolate gives us energy which is what we need to be able to exercise. Without energy we can\'t even stand to our feet. Point number three it doesn\'t matter how many calories we consume. What matters is how many calories we burn off. Another reason we can\'t eat too much dark chocolate.
               Now to the mental part of chocolate. I don\'t want to go too deep into this because that is a whole story in itself. But is a fact that belgian chocolate relaxes us and improves our mood. When our spirit is low we don\'t do anything but sit around feeling depressed. Depression causes us to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves. Point number four eating chocolate improves our disposition, which improves our quality of life. Another reason we can\'t eat too much dark chocolate!
               In conclusion can we eat too much belgian chocolate?  The way I look at it the answer is no. We should use common sense, moderation or whatever you want to call it. That goes without saying on anything in this life. But the real point is in the fact that dark chocolate gives us energy to exercise and play. The things that make life fun. Improves our mood so we feel good about ourselves. With all of this good how can we get fat? The truth is we can\'t eat enough belgian chocolate!   
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Wade Lucas is the creator of Quality Goutmet Chocolate. Not only is dark belgian chocolate the best tasting candy that you can eat. But  they are also good for your health. The health benefits and great taste make belgian chocolate the perfect treat. We also feature fresh roses and other fine gourmet gifts. Visit us at:


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